Hitt Cues are unconditionally guaranteed to the registered owner in the absence of abuse.

We would like for your Hitt Cue to last a lifetime. In an effort to help you achieve this goal we have compiled alist of do’s and do not’s. Although not a complete list, we consider the do not’s abuse.

Keep your Hitt Cue at or near room temperature. Extreme heat or cold can damage it. Do not leave it in your car or trunk, or otherwse allow it to reach temperatures above 100 degrees F or below 40 degrees F. Take it with you…treat it like a living thing.

  1. Keep your Hitt cue dry. Water and other liquids will damage it. Do Not let it get wet. Do not apply strong chemicals or solvents. If a spill occurs dry it with a cloth and lay it on a flat surface to finish drying at room temperature. Do not expose to heat or lean it up for long periods. This may cause warping or diminish the finish.
  2. Maintain your Hitt Cue. Replace tips, ferrules and rubber bumpers as needed. We do not guarantee work done by other people. Do not hit balls with a loose tip or ferrule. This will damage the shaft.
  3. Respect your Hitt Cue. Striking objects with it or against it on anything but the tip will damage it. It’s OK to break with it but be careful not to over-flex it on the follow-thru. Remember it is made of wood and can be broken and/or dented thru careless handling. Do not drop your cue. The most damaging impact from accidental dropping is when it falls flat and slaps the floor. This occurs most often when it is accidentally knocked over from a leaning position. We’ve all seen it happen…if you don’t lean it up the chances are greatly reduced.
  4. Enjoy you Hitt Cue. We build each cue to precise standards and measurements. Do not sand or abrade your cue. If the finish is damaged, send it back to us for touch-up or re-finishing.
  5. We consider the tip, ferrule, wrap and rubber bumper expendibles. We will be glad to re-new them for you at a reasonable cost in a reasonable timeframe. We appreciate your business and trust in us. Allow us to provide you our higher level of service as a valued customer.

If at any time you have a question about a Hitt Cue please feel free to call us at (318) 322-6961. This is the shop number and sometimes we have trouble hearing the phone. We also travel pretty often. Leave us a message, we will return the call.

Thanks Again,

Andy Bruce