This is my section. It’s where I tell you a little about myself and what drives me to build pool cues. So…at the beginning…I want to thank a couple of guys, without whom I could not have gotten here.

Andy Gilbert –

Without Andy’s help I would have been lost. He smarted me up on some important issues and spelled out (like he was teaching a child) how to do several steps that I might have wasted a lot of precious time learning how to do. Andy’s cues were entered into the Blue Book of cues in 2004 and he richly deserves the recognition he is now receiving. Can’t say enough about Gilbert cues or Gilbert the man.

Mike Johnson – Jensen Cues, Baton Rouge, LA

Mike and I have been friends for many years. I called to tell him I was going to start building cues and that I wanted to come take a look at his shop. He put me up in his home and gave me a tutorial to get me started. Mike’s cues have been in the Blue Book for many years. There are not many secrets left in cue building or friendships.

Harry A. (Andy) Bruce – that’s me...born in Monroe, LA in 1953. My Grandfather couldn’t stand the thought of me going out into the world without a trade so he apprenticed me in carpentry, cabinet making, fiddle-making and piano repair during my teenage years. By the time I went to LSU (1972), I was interested in two things; playing pool and fine homebuilding. I pursued a 5yr degree in Landscape Architecture (as, in my estimation, this was best degree to achieve the ability to design and stamp residential structures). I got licensed as a contractor, building custom homes and staircases, built a cabinet shop and sawmill (specializing in antique pine/hardwood flooring/moldings), and brokered lumber. During the winter months I played pool all day, every day. I crushed my left hand at the mill in ‘87, sold the businesses, moved back home (Monroe, LA) and pursued my certificate as a certified public accountant, working primarily in healthcare as a contract management specialist until I “retired” in 2003. I am now pursuing my 10yr. dream plan building custom pool cues.